Sales Process:

  1. Consult with any of our agents at Bien Realty: We can help you narrow down your search and figure out what exactly what you're looking for. 
  2.  Get in touch with a mortgage broker and an attorney:  Clarify if you are pre approved if any financing will be needed for your purchase and to establish the closing costs you will be paying.  
  3.  Here are some mortgage brokers and lawyers we prefer: 
  4. You will then meet with your agent and begin to look at apartments
  5.  If something of interest is found:  we will make an offer on the apartment
  6.  Once we have an accepted offer: contract to sale will be sent to your attorney where they will do due diligence of the building to let you know about the financing or if there are any problems with the condo or coop you are interested in.
  7. Once comfortable, you will sign a contract and will be asked to put down a small deposit to hold down the apartment
  8. If financing is needed, we can work with a bank of your preference
  9. We will then put together a condo/coop board package which will include the many documents below: 
  10. If you are purchasing a coop: An interview with the building will be needed; Your agent or broker will consult with you about the questions that will be asked and how it will go through
  11. Once approved, lawyers will then set up a closing date where you will meet with the seller, the seller's attorney and financial institution to complete the transaction.