Chris Morley’s Boutique Real Estate Service

Ever wonder why the best apartment deals never get advertised?

Chris Morley is the answer. He works seven days a week, knows the best kept secrets of real estate market, and most importantly, he knows his clients so well that they rent his apartments on the first outing. There are three words to describe Chris Morley: ethical, hardworking and fast. Many of Chris Morley’s clients comment, “You are the first broker to truly listen to what I want and not waste my time.” Chris believes that the best way to serve clients is to find them the best places, and get them the best deals. Making people happy is what he enjoys about his work. Chris believes that customers need to feel good about the decisions they make, so he keeps his fingers on the pulse of the Manhattan real estate market and stays connected with his clients as much as possible. Chris doesn't believe in wasting time and his philosophy is simple: "Learn as much as you can about your client's needs.” He continues by saying, “I always keep a large inventory of apartments readily available for viewing so that customers can prioritize what they are looking for."

Born and raised in the City and Upstate New York, Chris learned about investment properties through his family business. While earning his BS degree in psychology and sociology from State University of New York at Binghamton, Chris traveled through Europe and Africa. These invaluable experiences taught him a lot about himself and others. "I want to be treated with respect because I work hard." Chris says, "This is why I extend every courtesy I can to my buyers, sellers, rental clients, building owners, representatives of management companies, and fellow brokers because I know they work hard too, and I appreciate them for it." Chris' customers appreciate him, too. One satisfied client even commented that she felt like she had been touched by an angel! Customers find his patient, but aggressive service refreshing and refer Chris to their friends and family. That's why Chris is always on the go and always in demand. He meets clients seven days a week, and can always be reached though his cell — even if you send him an email.

At the end of the day, Chris knows he's done his job well. "Each night when I get home I feel content, happy, confident, stronger, and tired." He smiles. "I feel like I've helped people along their life path by giving them a place to call home.

Please contact Chris at 917-655-1920 or

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